Charity Events

Our unique giant 8-lane scalextric is the perfect addition to any fundraising event and works brilliantly either as the centre-piece of your fundraising or as a side activity to follow a dinner or drinks reception

  • Giant scalextric events have a proven track record of success in raising money for charity. Popular fundraising techniques include selling sponsorship of the event (with track branding available to the sponsor) or getting individual races sponsored much like they are at a race night. You can also raise funds for charity by asking people to pay to have a go or to bet on the outcome of races
  • Our staff will work with you to maximise the fundraising potential of your scalextric event
  • For more fundraising possibilities, why not combine our giant scalextric with other activities that people can pay to have a go on such as indoor laser shooting, giant buzz wire, pub games, quiz, casino tables and race nights